My mentor of many years, Robert Douglas Hunter, died on September 6, 2014. He was a generous, gracious and ethical man whose reputation and behavior personally and professionally was and is beyond reproach. He was one of those rare men who was “right with his God”. Rest in peace, my friend.

December 2014

As you can probably tell, I haven’t been very good at keeping up a blog lately! I’m just too busy to go on and on blah blah blah about every place I’ve been in the last couple of years and all the things I’ve had a hand in, including getting seriously involved in fiction writing […]

Quebec City, Boston, Washington, D.C.

I went to Quebec City in June to see the Contemporary Plein Air show there at the Musee de Beaux Art, and then to Washington D.C. for the Willem van Aelst show at the National Gallery, and have just followed up with the White Mountains Exhibition in Boston. I was not disappointed in van Aelst, […]

Painting from nature: clouds

August 29, 2012 When painting skies, as in painting just about everything else, “The Devil is in the details.” I would bet that the variety in clouds – as they say is true in snowflakes – is infinite. And the changes in hue and value can be frustratingly subtle and elusive. I keep clippings from […]

Painting from nature: the sky

August 27, 2012 Probably many landscape artists have said  “Nature is the best teacher.”I can’t disagree with that. Lately, whenever I have a view of the sky I examine it for the beauty and information that is there. The color of the sky changes from horizon to zenith and is not constant. Sometimes, based on […]

Robert Hughes

I heard yesterday that Australian Art Critic Robert Hughes died. Perhaps you’ve seen some of his presentations on BBC or PBS some years ago. I believe he also wrote “Culture of Complaint”, an excellent tome on the ridiculous extent to which political correctness has infiltrated the culture in general and education in particular. R.I.P.