While this website is a reflection of the personal enthusiasms I express through my work, when you come to my site, you are looking for artwork that is relevant to the way YOU experience the world. 

I hope you will find that something here speaks to what you love about life. After all, if you want to just fill an empty space on a wall, you can put up a mirror, a clock, a bulletin board, some old license plates, a montage of wine labels or some family photos. You could write your favorite quotation above the sofa or down the length of your hallway. That's valid, too, when words are meaningful enough to you to put them in a prominent place where you will see them every day, instead of letting them live only on the pages in books. 

And while words have a place in every person's life, few, if any, people who have experienced the richness of life through their eyes would wish to lose their vision and learn to live only through hearing, touch, taste and smell.

While an artist may wish to create a dramatic or ominous image, such as my monotypes "Hanoi" or "Batten the Hatches", those images can also be part of the world a person loves, just like we can love a book or film containing white-knuckle dramatic moments. Human experience is full of variety, and that means some drama or suspense as well as full-throttle joy and sensuous or meditative interludes. 

So, while it may be easier to "market" an artist who specializes in one or two things - seascapes, African animals, glassware or flowers, for example - I would find it terribly confining to restrict myself to one or two categories of creativity. If a grocer can sell all kinds of food, and not just kumquats or cabbages, why should an artist be shoehorned into restrictive over-specialization? 

Whatever mood you are in today, welcome to the vast world I enjoy exploring, and thank you for being part of the visual conversation. Get in touch with me through the "Contact" form accessed through the site navigation bar to share your thoughts and enthusiasms. Thanks for your time and interest.